So fittingly, what we make is almost always born from gestures. From inspired sketches by lighting designers. From insightful descriptions of what the space is meant to evoke, by the architects. We capture the energy of those gestures, and bring them to life.


The lighting concept of the building of the Museum of Arts and Assembly Hall of the University of Guadalajara is related to the monumentality of the building, highlighting the architectural details of the building which is an icon of Guadalajara. (Application of proposed lighting year 2015).


Lighting project realized at 2014, in Aguascalientes, Ags. When the project was carried out the new offices and light intervention was complete. Scenic lighting project: energy saving, lighting levels suitable for each function. Outdoor landscape to attract customers. Automation system, in order to save energy in common areas by schedule. Technology: Monochromatic luminaires. Luminaires with fluorescent T8 technology in indoor parking.


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